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What is Orgone?

What is Orgone Energy?

The Energy of Orgone was discovered in the 1930s by Dr. Wilhelm Reich. He found that it was a natural and vital form of energy present in all living matter. Orgone energy is shaped like miniature spinning balls of light and is detected by Kirlian photography. There are certain crystals that when placed close to the body, they cause a sense of calm and peace by absorbing the negative life force our bodies generate and replenish the body with positive orgone energy.


Orgone is a subtle energy present in the Universe. Though invisible to the naked eye, this life-force energy can be harnessed and concentrated by crystals. Drawing on the rediscovered science of Orgonite, this article explains how orgone healing works.


Orgone Pyramids - Do they work?

Powerful Orgone energy is generated and enhanced by the shape of the Pyramid. This then generates healing fields of energy which can revitalise the mind, body, chakras and aura.


These amazing Orgonite Pyramids don't only look absolutely stunning they are extremely powerful!


Turn on your healing field today!!



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